Plasma Glass Electric Plasma Displays

Plasma Glass Electric Plasma Displays

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Plasma Glass 12 x 12
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Plasma Glass is a electric animation of electricity that flows like a magical electrical storm with it's essence trapped in a plate of glass. The Plasma flows back and forth and all over in a random pattern or can be seduced by touch to flow around where you touch the glass. The Plasma Glass only uses a low voltage power source, so it is safe to use and creates a one of a kind visual experience to anyone who experiences it,s power. Plasma Glass Panels are available in different sizes and include the low voltage power supply it take to run the panel - just plug in the power supply and install the panes and you will have an electrical plasma storm flowing though your project. Plasma Glass can be made in virtually any shape. Colors include: blue, red, green, magenta, white, or a mixture of any of these.

Sizes range from 12" x 12" up to 24" x 24" square and any size in between we can also make plasma glass in round circle designs from 16" up to 42" (larger displays are possible but typically are made up of pieces tiled together). The display is powered by a low-voltage power supply that runs off of a UL-listed 12V wall transformer. Plasma Glass has found applications in stores, museums, trade shows, nightclubs, commercial and home interiors, theaters and movie sets. Plasma Glass is completely safe to touch, and sealed to resist water spills. (not suitable for outdoor applications) For custom designs logos or special effect plasma glass pieces, please inquire for estimate or quote for your custom eye-catching application.

Special Note:The front face of the plasma glass can be made of colored glass. This creates a more intense color because the glass, not just the phosphor, creates the visible color. This process can produce bright red, blue, greens, and many other colors. We can create patterns or even logos on these special panels. Additional charges would apply.

The Plasma Glass for the most part responds to touch. There is a limited quantity of sound-responsive of the Plasma Glass's power supplies that mostly work for the smaller panels - 12" x 12", possibly 16" x 16" size limit.

There are some larger sound-responsive options units available (custom work) that have a audio jack for audio input. These do not respond to ambient sound like clapping or background music only from the audio input. If you know a lot about audio you may be able to hook up a microphone to that input jack. This would be for the 18 x 18 and 24" x 24" sized panels.

Of course, our standard clear plasma glass with several colored phosphors are available. All pieces are available on a "made to order" special order basis,

Please Call (406-270-3326) (for more information or questions)  

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