LED Tape Lighting

LED TAPE is a very thin and flexible LED circuit strip. It is available in RGB and single color versions. High-output, low heat and easy installation. It can be cut every 2" and put back together using simple soldering techniques

It's called tape because the back of the strip uses 3M adhesive glue to tape the LED strip anywhere you need it. It has been prefabricated in a 10 FT­ spool (RGB ver) with 60 x 2" black circuit strips holding 3 SMD chips each for a total of 180, 120D SMD LED chips with total power consumption of 43 watts(max. 3pcs with 4A PSU & 10pcs in line with 12A PSU). Power supplies offered are UL and CSA approved. The single color spools are 20FT­ in length with 360 SMD single color LED on white flexible circuit strip with the same spacing but direct wire 12v from any standard 12v DC power supply with a total of 86 watts per spool (max 1pcs with 4A PSU & max 5pcs in line with 12A PSU).

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