KVANT ClubMAX 6800 6.8W RGB Laser Light Show Projector

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The ClubMAX 6800 is new edition to the ClubMAX family, and has a guaranteed output of 6800mw; making it ideally suited for small, medium, and large indoor venues, as well as touring and certain outdoor events. It boasts a stunning white balance (RED: 2W + GREEN: 1.8W + BLUE: 3W). In addition, it features all pure diode modules protected by LASORB, for brighter more vibrant colors and longer lifetimes. It also comes standard with the new ScannerMAX Compact-506 optical scanning system, for exceptionally fast scan speeds of 40K @ 8° optical, with an 60° maximum scan angle on both the X and Y axis, that produces stunning text, graphics and logos, as well as wide-angle beam effects.

This laser also includes a FREE hard plastic transport case, ILDA cable, E-Stop System, interlock, key-switch, and mechanical shutter. It has a protection rating of IP54 (or higher upon request) and it is fully compliant with all US CDRH/FDA regulations, as well European and other international regulations.The ClubMAX line of lasers were developed to offer clients exceptional value in a laser projection system, while still featuring the professional quality standards you would expect from KVANT. These systems are entirely manufactured in Europe, using only the highest quality components and build processes. You can see how these lasers are made at KVANT’s factory, by Clicking Here.

The KVANT pure diode modules used inside of the ClubMAX systems are custom fabricated at the KVANT factory, and feature a great beam divergence (<1mrad), and beam diameter (3.5 x 4 mm) while producing a nice white balance. And with full analog modulation, you can produce millions of different color combinations, as well as smooth cross fades and transitions. Because the laser diodes used inside are protected by LASORB, you also have the assurance of knowing your lasers will not be harmed from damage that can be caused by ESD or power surges.

All ClubMAX systems also come standard with the new ScannerMAX Compact-506 optical scanning system, that produce beautiful text graphics, and logos, as well as wide-angle beam effects (40K @ 8° optical with an 80° maximum scan angle on both the X and Y axis). ScannerMAX galvos received a 1st place ILDA Award, for their quality and performance in the industry. With the ClubMAX line of lasers, you know that you have a system capable of handling any type of content or show that you need to play.

These systems can easily be controlled via ILDA, as well as DMX or ArtNet using Pangolin’s QuickShow or BEYOND software. And, they also are DiscoScan 2.0 and Safety Scan Lens compatible, with optical upgrade systems that can be purchased, making these ideal for venues where you need a single laser to cover a wide projection area or for when you need to produce audience scanning effects safely.

External control on the back of the projector also make adjustments of colors, size, position, rotation and more, very easy to do.

In addition, these systems can have Pangolin’s PASS integrated, for audience scanning compliance in the United States.

All systems are also covered under KVANT’s Full Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

Product Specifications
Output Power: 6800mW
Color Balance: R | G | B [mW]: 2000 | 1800 | 3000
Scan Speed: ScannerMAX 506 Compact | 40kpps @ 8°
Beam Diameter: 3.5 x 4mm
Divergence: <1mrad [full angle]
Modulation: Analog, up to 50kHz
System Control: ILDA (in and out), we recommend Pangolin QuickShow, BEYOND, or LD2000
Power Requirements: 100-230V/50Hz
Power Consumption: max. 350VA
Weight: 11.6kg
Dimensions: 359x255x168mm

Projector Features:
Power output adjustment for each colour, X & Y axes invert, X & Y size and position, scan-fail safety mode selector, scanning system protection, daisy chain of emergency STOP signal for multiple system “one-hit” operation. safety, V-RAD 506 mechanical shutter | reaction time <20ms, adjustable aperture masking plate.
Accessories: Keyed interlock, emission delay, magnetic interlock, scan-fail safety, V-RAD 506 mechanical shutter | reaction time <20ms, adjustable aperture masking plate.
Compliance: Fully complies with the latest EN 60825-1, FDA regulations and TUV Laser Safety.
PASS Certified: Can be configured with Pangolin’s PASS Technology, for audience scanning safety

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ClubMAX 6800


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