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LED Lights for DJ’s


LED lighting is taking over the industry as far as a light source for the DJ and nightclub market as well as a host of other industries. The new LED (light emitting diode) technology has now become more sophisticated and advanced and is already surpassing most conventional lighting sources like halogen and discharge lamp light engines that use to power lighting fixtures such as par cans, moving heads, black-lights and other special effect lighting.

LED light fixtures are designed in a few different ways. Using different configurations, the lights can be designed in a multitude of LED arrays including, RGB, RGBW, RGBA, RGBWA, RGBWA + UV or a white LED power engine that can power that light using color filters to produce colors and effects (the latter mostly used in moving head lights)

The biggest advantage of LED light sources is that it is much more efficient, LED lighting can turn it’s energy into light more that heat, so it takes less power to drive the lighting and you get much more light output and much less heat, this means that these lights can run cooler (all night long) use less energy and the life expectancy is somewhere in the 50,000 hours range, and giving most clubs and DJ's uses their lights about 6-8 hours in a night, you can expect years out of your LED lighting fixtures with little or no maintenance and you never have to replace lamps because LED light sources are usually printed on a circuit board with all of the electronics to run and control them.

Also the newer LED lighting fixtures have the control and logic systems built into the lights and that makes it easy to set up and use and control via DMX, Auto mode or sound active mode. LED light fixtures are also much more compact and lighter and are the perfect choice for installations, production or mobile venues

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