Laser Lights and Laser Light Show Projectors

Laser Lights and Laser Light Show Projectors

16th Jul 2017

Laser lights are one of the most sought after lighting effects for nightclubs, concerts, DJs or bands are laser beams blasting over the crowd for that awesome amazing special effects that look like a space battle from Star Wars.

Lasers can produce a mind blowing light show that can add visual amazement to your venue like no other light can. Laser lights are produced using laser projectors that are available in many power factors and colors. The most popular lasers projector today are RGB, meaning these lasers combine a red, green and blue laser diode that are mixed to give you a verity of rich colors.

The laser power can vary from a few milliwatts to watts (the more power you can budget for the better in most cases) - Laser lights and be sound active or controlled via DMX for basic control or a computer software program called ILDA that can add hundreds of aerial effects as well as graphics, text and or animations to you laser light show.

Aerial lasers are better suited for aerial laser beam effects and graphic laser are better suited for graphics, animations and text, however a graphic laser with a good amount of power can do both aerial and graphics laser beam effects equally as well where as a aerial laser is designed mostly for aerial laser beam effects, and can display both aerial and animations but they will appear a little choppy, where as the good graphic laser will have the ability for much smoother and fluid animations and graphics as well as amazing aerial laser beam effects. - Most of today's lasers are set up to do both aerials and graphics, however one will be a little better at one effect or the other to some degree

Just remember you will need a fog or haze machine to see the laser beam effects in the mid air like you would and and concert or nightclub.

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