Club Lasers for the Ultimate Laser Light Show!

Club Lasers for the Ultimate Laser Light Show!

12th Nov 2018

Club lasers or an exciting and unique way to offer special effect laser lighting to any club.

These lasers come in a variety of powers and color configurations from Red, Green & Blue to RGB full color that can give you amazing laser light show over your crowd or the ability to graphics animations and text.

Club lasers are uniquely designed to give you special aerial laser beam effects over the crowd like liquid sky, hot beams or multi beam laser effects that look like a Star Wars battle over the crowd and have the ability too have you design custom and unique laser beam effects

You can control the lasers in sound active mode, DMX, ILDA or FB4 (Ethernet) - this will allow you to have an amazing laser light show and have the effects you really want to give you club lasers to have and give your customers that mind blowing laser light show

But just remember for the best laser effects you will need a fog or HAZE machine to fill the atmosphere of particulates to really see the laser beams in midair - this will give you that mid air laser effects, with out a Fog or HAZE machine you will not be able to see the laser beams.

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