ADJ LTrack A2 44.5mm L-Track Clamp Adapter / ElectraPix

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The 44.5mm L-Track clamp adapter, specifically tailored for seamless integration with the ElectraPix Series products, offering unparalleled versatility and reliability in securing your valuable equipment. Crafted with precision engineering, this adapter ensures a perfect fit within the ElectraPix Series ecosystem, providing a hassle-free solution for mounting and securing your gear.

Designed to accommodate the unique requirements of ElectraPix Series products, this adapter boasts a robust construction, capable of withstanding the demands of various applications. Designed to exacting standards, this adapter seamlessly integrates with a range of our popular clamps, ensuring compatibility with Narrow Clamp, Pro Clamp, Quick Rig Clamp, JR Quick Rig Clamp, Trigger Clamp, and JR-Clamp models.

Whether you're mounting ElectraPix products or other accessories, this adapter simplifies the installation process, saving you time and effort. With its reliable performance and compatibility, you can trust the 44.5mm L-Track clamp adapter to securely hold your equipment in place, ensuring it remains safely secured. Invest in the convenience and reliability of the 44.5mm L-Track clamp adapter for use with ElectraPix Series products, and elevate your equipment rigging experience to new heights. Streamline your workflow and enhance the safety of your gear with this versatile adapter designed to meet the demands of professional users.
  • 44.5mm Neck Height, L-Track Clamp Adapter
  • Compatibile Clamps: Narrow Clamp, Pro Clamp, Quick Rig Clamp, JR Quick Rig Clamp, Trigger Clamp, and JR-Clamp models
  • Compatibile Fixtures: ElectraPix Par 7, ElectraPix Bar 8 and ElectraPix Bar 16
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