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Ellipsoidal Lights

Ellipsoidal spotlight use a special reflector to collect and direct the light through a barrel that contains a lens or lens train. Adjusting the tube by pushing it further in or pulling it further out of the unit allows changes to the focus. Ellipsoidal lights are used in theatre, nightclub, light design and movie / TV production. Ellipsoidal reflectors are used for their strong, well-defined light and their versatility.

Ellipsoidals are supplied with a certain size lens or lenses that determines the field angle, anywhere from five to ninety degrees. Field angle is the angle of the beam of light where it reaches 10% of the intensity of the center of the beam.



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    Altman 3.5 Quartz Ellipsoidal

    3.5Q Ellipsoidal is a compact, lightweight ellipsoidal spotlight which produces a high intensity sharp or soft edged beam. The 3.5Q series is designed for today’s long life, high intensity tungsten halogen lamps up to 575W. Four adjustable integral...

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    Altman ME4+ LED Micro Ellipsoidal Light Fixture

    The ME4 ellipsoidal is a high efficiency LED framing projector with a 20° – 40° degree variable zoom focus. Utilizing a 3000K 28w LED source with an expected life of 50,000 hours, the ME4 features bright and crisp pattern or graphic...

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    Now: $440.00
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    Altman Micro Ellipse 20-75W MR-16 Ellipsoidal Fixture

    The Micro Ellipse is a lightweight framing spotlight with variable focus ability. Beam angles range approximately from 10° to 35° and field angles from 25° to 50°. Utilizing the long life, low wattage and cost efficient family of MR-16...

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    Altman ODEC Outdoor Ellipsoidal w/ Zoom Focus

    70 or 150 WATT CDM/ CMH Architectural ODEC Outdoor EllipsoidalThe Altman ODEC is the first fully functional outdoor ellipsoidal with 15°-35° or 30°-55° zoom focus, framing shutters, glass/ steel pattern projection capabilities, internal...

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    Now: $1,698.40
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    Altman Phoenix Blacklight Phoenix 200W UV Zoom Ellipsoidal

    The Phoenix Series U.V. Zoom Ellipsoidals are the state of the art in variable focus theatrical luminaires for function, style and efficiency. These ellipsoidals have been designed and engineered with a number of innovative details and features enhancing...

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    Altman PHX 150W LED Profile Spot / RGBA LED Array

    The fixed focus PHX LED Profile Spots are state of the art luminaries in function, style, and efficiency. These Profile Spots have been designed and engineered with a number of innovative details and features enhancing versatility and efficiency without...

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    Now: $1,640.00
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    Altman PHX CDM Theatrical Ellipsoidal Stage Light Fixture

    Ellipsoidal - PHX CDM 9,70 & 150W CDM lamps available 360 Degree rotating barrel Locking shutters and gobo Complete 360 Degree enclosed accessory holder Heat resisting Plano-Convex lenses Aluminum die cast and sheet metal construction Up to 36...

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    Now: $906.40
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