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Wall Mount Microphones

Ever feel like your talking to the wall? You just might be with these awesome wall mounted microphones. Easy install and easy to use for wall mounted communication microphones. Available in “push to talk” and weatherproof configurations

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    CAD Plate Mounted Weatherproof Dynamic Microphone / WM-1000

    The CAD Astatic model WM-1000 is a dynamic plate mounted microphone. It is designed for applications such as menu boards, drive-thru windows, or any application that requires a rugged weather-resistant wall mounted microphone. This is the same microphone...

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    CAD Wall Mounted Omnidirectional Dynamic Microphone / WM-625

    The WM625 and WM625S are designed especially for mounting to wall outlet boxes. The frequency response is shaped to provide crisp, clear, highly intelligible voice communications. Both models have a self-contained, rugged, low impedance dynamic cartridge...

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