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 X-Laser's new Mercury laser control system

X-Laser's new Mercury laser control system

Posted by x laser on 31st Jan 2018

Mercury is X-Laser’s laser projector control system, built completely from the ground up for direct lighting console control. Featuring DMX+RDM, Art-Net, and in the future Streaming ACN (E1.31/E1.33) protocol, Mercury can be used from the lighting console just like any top-brand moving light. With Mercury, laser fixtures can be discovered, profiled, configured, and programmed directly from the lighting console. Mercury is the solution for large laser arrays in a production workflow. The design tools that are already built into professional lighting consoles cooperate with Mercury to allow designers to create looks and effects in minutes, which would take hours to program using conventional laser light show software.

In 2015, we surveyed many of our clients and prospective clients about what they wanted the future of laser projection to look like. The survey yielded hundreds of great ideas, but the most common core concept was that it’s diffcult to integrate lasers into any lighting rig due to the unique control demands of laser projectors. Since then, we’ve been working to solve that problem.

Everyone in the laser light show industry knows the titans of laser control software. Pangolin’s Beyond, Sollinger’s Lasergraph DSP, Showtacle Moncha, and dozens more all offer the ultimate in control and customization. These tools will always be the best for the most critical custom text and graphics, but they aren’t built for the rapid deployment and tight integration that lighting designers, programmers and operators enjoy from today’s lighting consoles.

Computerized lighting consoles have been around for almost 40 years. Consoles have been under constant refinement to offer powerful and efficient ways of creating increasingly complex effects and controlling ever larger and more complicated lighting rigs. Lighting consoles have become incredibly powerful tools and we feel the time is right to bring lasers into that workflow.

Lighting designers and production companies have been hesitant to use laser systems in their lighting rigs because laser systems typically require a separate control station and designated laser operator in the already-crowded FOH booth.

With Mercury, X-Laser has found a way for LDs and event producers to quickly, reliably and easily integrate laser effects into their shows alongside traditional moving light fixtures – all with the same lighting console they’re already accustomed to using.