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Capture Nexum Lighting Computer Software


"Nexum" is latin for "the location where many things connect" and with Capture Nexum we have truly managed to expand Capture's connection points to other technologies and systems, ranging from screen technology and LED as well as filter colour accuracy to physical media input and streaming technologies, 3D model and fixture data / patch file format interchange to 3D motion tracking.

The following are the most interesting new concepts, enhancements and features introduced with Capture Nexum.

Accurate colour visualization
Capture has adopted the ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) colour model for its rendering pipeline, allowing colour computations to be made in a colour space designed to accomodate all physically available colours as opposed to only those traditionally visible on a computer screen. The library has also been extended with scientifically accurate colour information for filters and LED light sources, resulting in more true-to-life colours on screen.

Visualization enhancements
A new fill lighting option emulates global illumination effects, rendering a much more credible atmosphere sensitive to colour changes in the lighting. Anti-aliasing shaves off the rough edges of your geometry, making the visualization much more pleasing and credible. Further enhancements provide visualization of narrowly laid out multi-aperture fixtures as well as oval PAR lamps.

NewTek NDI video streaming
Capture can now receive live video streams from NewTek NDI sources, the new ethernet-based high quality cross-platform video streaming solution. This opens for a wide variety of video sources including media servers, video players such as VLC, video capture device and broadcast environment video sources.

Video capture devices
As a complement to local video file playback, Capture now also supports video capture devices as means of getting live video into Capture. On Windows, Media Foundation drivers are required and we have verified compatibility with the new DataPath VisionLC video capture card range.

DMX generated textures
By generating material textures using DMX it is possible to visualize a variety of different setups otherwise difficult to create, such as DMX controlling the colour of an object, simulating a LED dance floor or a decorational LED tape without having to place and patch individual LEDs.

Cinema 4D import
Import Cinema 4D (*.c4d) files from MAXON's popular 3D package directly into Capture, split by objects and with material and layer support, preserving flat and UVW texture projections. Capture also understands and treats entities from the Hantmade Stage plugin as single objects and is able to automatically replace them with Capture library fixtures.

DWG & DXF import enhancements
Capture now also understands materials and textures in DWG files and splits imported entities by both materials and solids, making imported objects easier to work with. Edge visiblity preservation has also been improved, avoiding unnecessary clutter in the imported objects.

Data import enhancements
Capture is now able to add new fixtures to a project during data import, optionally replacing imported objects with fixtures as well. Special care has been taken to automatically configure the import process for files from ChamSys MagicVis, grandMA2 and VectorWorks. In combination with the DWG import enhancements, a complete workflow for exporting 3D model and fixture information from VectorWorks into Capture now exists.

Data export enhancements
Capture now also supports exporting data in the High End Hog 4 patch XML format (available with Hog 4 version 3.6).

PosiStageNet and RTTrPM motion tracking
Capture now supports PosiStageNet, the open protocol for on-stage, live 3D position streaming from VYV and MA Lighting. This opens up the possibility for any motion control systems to integrate with Capture. Capture now also supports the RTTrPM open protocol, supported by BlackTrax the real-time tracking system by CAST.

LED Lights for DJ’s

LED lighting is taking over the industry as far as a light source for the DJ and nightclub market as well as a host of other industries. The new LED (light emitting diode) technology has now become more sophisticated and advanced and is already surpassing most conventional lighting sources like halogen and discharge lamp light [...]

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Penta Pix: Create New Lightshow Looks with this High-Energy, Multi-colored, Pixel Mappable Effect!

ADJ is proud to introduce its latest innovative lighting fixture, the Penta Pix. Designed with clubs, venues, touring productions, and one-off events in mind, the Penta Pix is a unique product which features five potent LED-powered ACL beams arranged in a fan formation. Offering red, green, blue, and white color mixing, together with individual pixel [...]

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Entour Venue: Pro Mobile Faze Machine Let’s You Get Hazing Right Away!

There’s no doubt about it, the difference a hazy atmosphere can make to a lightshow is immense. Haze will give definition to beams and create a depth to lighting effects that is far more engaging than simple surface color washes and GOBO projections. That’s why an effective and reliable haze generator is an essential piece [...]

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Powerful Color Par Can Wash Light In Any Weather

Extending ADJ’s range of professional event lighting solutions, the new 7PZ IP is a heavy-duty par fixture designed to allow impactful color washes to be created outdoors, whatever the weather. Developed with installers, rental houses, and event production companies in mind, the 7PZ IP is a powerful and feature-packed fixture that offers a huge amount [...]

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Vizi Hex Wash7: Moving Head Wash with Hex LEDs and Motorized Zoom

Looking for a professional, yet affordable, moving head wash fixture with motorized zoom? Look no further than ADJ’s brand new Vizi Hex Wash7. Ideal for mobile entertainers, theaters, churches, nightclubs, concert venues and event production companies, the Vizi Hex Wash7 is an agile and powerful mover capable of producing everything from intense beams to wide-spread [...]

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Skybeam Search Lights

Searchlights and one of the most effective ways to promote your business or special event. Searchlights are lighting fixtures that are available in different configurations and power solutions. Usually using a HID or Xenon lamps to power up and project the light beam, these light can differ in power and size designed around project, budget [...]

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Catch The 3D Vision with ADJ's Hexagonal-shaped LED Light Panels

The new new 3D Vision is a distinctive hexagonal-shaped LED panel is divided into three separate sections in a way that gives it a unique three-dimensional appearance. When linked together in multiples, these panels can be used to create impressive eye candy effects perfect for DJ façades, stage sets, leisure venue installations and many other [...]

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Special Effect Lighting for Halloween and Haunted Houses

Getting that spooky lighting effect for Halloween or Haunted House can be tricky, The lighting has to be just right, it needs to set the mood and accentuate the kind effect your looking for. One of the most popular lighting effects to use is UV Black Lights or other color spot or color washing lights [...]

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ADJ's Focus Spot Two: Feature-Rich Magnificent Moving Head Club Light

Sitting between the Focus Spot One and Focus Spot Three Z in the new ADJ Focus Series, the Focus Spot Two is a compact, yet very powerful, LED-powered moving head spot fixture. Packed with professional features not usually seen on a moving head of its size, and certainly not on one at its price, the [...]

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